ABOUT Laiki®

Where can I buy Laiki® Rice Crackers?

Laiki® Rice Crackers are available here on our site, through Amazon, or your local grocery or specialty food store. Check our store locator here. Don't see your local stores listed? Help us expand by asking your local stores to carry Laiki® Rice Crackers!

Are Laiki® Rice Crackers gluten-free?

Yes! Laiki crackers are made from rice, oil, salt and nothing else! We produce Laiki® Rice Crackers in a dedicated facility and ELISA-test for any presence of gluten with independent lab services provided by Intertek, a globally-renowned testing firm.

What type of oil do you use?

We use sustainably-sourced palm oil from Thailand. Our palm oil does not harm orangutans or their habitat.

Are Laiki crackers vegan?

Yes! Laiki® Rice Crackers are made from rice, oil, salt -- nothing else.

What are the ingredients in Laiki crackers?

Whole grain black/red rice, sustainably sourced palm fruit oil, and sea salt.


  • Gluten-Free Certification
  • Certified Vegan
  • FODMAP Friendly
  • The Non-GMO Project
  • COR Kosher Certified

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